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Add life back to your swimming pool!

Your swimming pool is often the centerpiece of your outdoor living environment. Maybe you built your swimming pool over 10 years ago or maybe you bought a home with an outdated pool. Then pool remodeling may be for you as there are many more features available today that will allow you to rediscover your swimming pool by breathing new life to it.

Brick and bull nose coping are out, stone is in. Water features are in. So one way to bring your pool current is to replace the brick with stone and add a water feature!

Check out the pictures below that show a pool we recently remodeled and created a new outdoor living centerpiece!


This is the pool just after we started. Note there is no water feature and look at the brick retaining wall.


Now we added a water feature and put in the new deck and coping.


Project is almost done, new deck, water feature and new stone retaining wall replaces the outdated brick one.