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Could you use a dog run?

Many people go to work or leave home for long hours. Well what happens to their pets? They leave them inside the house and they can get in trouble and destroy and or mess the house, the get kenneled (poor things) or they get left outside where they can run away. The answer -- build a small backyard dog run.

What about apartment owners? Tenants love their dogs and need a place to walk them and take them to the bathroom. Instead of having them go all over, dedicate an area for a dog run where the owners can take them off the leash and let them run care free with out fear of escaping and they get to mingle with other dogs as do the owners.

We have build recently economical dog runs that will keep the pets secure and not allow them to run away. This way the animals can stay outside while you are gone for long hours and not be cooped up or run the risk of messing the inside.

These kennels can be a welcome addition to your outdoor living space and can be made from cedar and/or other fencing material. Check out these recently built dog runs!


Pine dog run with splitt rail and wire mesh. Safe and good looking!


Metal fence dog run built for apartment complex in Dallas.


Small cedar dog run. Owner had small dogs and was worried about dogs escaping the yard.

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