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From Paper To Reality

As outdoor living continues to grow, we find ourselves designing spaces for our customers with a combination of features such as cedar pergolas, outdoor kitchens and/or outdoor fireplace. Let me walk you through one example.

An apartment complex had the need to provide its tenants with an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, pergola cover and general outdoor meeting place. They wanted it to match the existing brick buildings in place. After the meeting, here are pictures of the general concepts we created for them.


Pergola to provide shade and outdoor kitchen faced in brick with fireplace and grill.


From general concept we start drawing the specifics.

Here is a picture of the work in progress.


Fireplace with hardie board

Finally, here are pictures of the completed projected! Check the pictures to the original concept picture!


Completed outdoor living space with pergola, fireplace and grill.


Outdoor living space with fireplace

And there you have it -- from design to finish -- a completed outdoor living space with pergola, outdoor kitchen and fireplace.