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Increase your outdoor living space - add a flagstone patio.

Many times we get customers who move into their house and they want more outdoor living space or patio space than they currently have. Or they have a spot that is difficult to maintain, the grass doesn't grow and its messy. They have called concrete companies and adding additional concrete patio is expensive. So what to do? Add a flagstone patio expansion the existing concrete patio.

Adding a flagstone patio can be a cost effective way to increase your outdoor living space and add character.

Let me illustrate. In the picture below the customer had a difficult space to maintain and they wanted more seating and outdoor living space.


In the picture below we are in process of preparing the forms and base for the flagstone patio expansion.


Here is the final product. There is now more patio space and the messy, hard to maintain area is gone. Also, note the retaining wall we added with capstone. This now serves as additional seating which increases the outdoor living usable space. This was done in a few days fairly economically. The stone we used matched the rest of the structure.

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