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Pergolas as window treatments

Do you have a window that gets too much sun but you don't want to block the view? Do you want to add more curb appeal to the front of your house? Then a window pergola may be just the right answer.

Our window pergolas are made from western red cedar which compliment brick and stone commonly used on home exteriors. By building a window pergola you can accentuate certain home features and generate curb appeal.

But pergolas are not just for windows. Do you have a garage that is on the front of the house and all you see is a big white garage door? How about bringing some style to this significant forward facing portion of your house by adding a pergola above the garage door. Give it some interest!

Maybe you have a BBQ grill pushed up against the wall of your patio? One quick way to give this area an outdoor kitchen feel is to add a pergola on the wall above the grill.

A window pergola can also provide additional shade needed while preserving the open view from the window.

Check out the pictures of the window pergola we just built and maybe it will generate some ideas for your next project!


Window pergola on back of house to provide needed shade.


Window pergola already providing shade and interest.


Underneath this wall pergola we are going to add an outdoor kitchen island.