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When Should I replaster my pool?

We get this question frequently - "When should I replaster my pool?" Here are some things to consider to help answer the question.

1) Anytime. If your tired of the look, just moved in to the house and the pool is dated or to create the ultimate outdoor living space, then replaster your pool anytime!

2) The pool plaster does not feel the same. Your plaster should have a smooth, continous feeling. If you feel holes, pits, and/or it does not feel smooth anymore, then this could be the time to replaster. Overtime with water chemistry and acid washing you can create pits in the plaster which feel rough on the skin. If pervasive, time to replaster!

3) Got stains on the plaster and can't get them out? Time to replaster?

4) To maintain the pool's structural integrity. Plaster protects the pool shell concrete from the pool water seeping in to the concrete and thereby damaging the pool concrete shell. When the pool shell is exposed, water gets to the pool shell and caused damage - time to replaster!

The next question we get is how is a pool replastered.

1) First we drain the pool.

2) The we prep the pool surface. Check out the picture below.


Prepping the pool to be plastered.

3) Once the pool is prepped, then we shoot in the concrete. Check out the picture below. See the bags on the truck? This is the plaster which then gets mixed in the hopper (at other end of truck) which then gets shot in the pool from the hose coming out the hopper.


Our replaster truck

4) Once the plaster is shot in to the pool it gets smoother with a trowel. Check out this video of the process.

Replastering a pool

5) Fill back up with water, add chemicals and brush the sides twice a day for a week and voila your pool has been replasterd!

Ok one final thought, if you want your pool replastered a good time to do it is in the winter as the price will be less compared to the more expensive pricing in the the spring busy season!