Our Deluxe line of pergolas uses 8x8 posts and 4 inch wide headers and joists which “show-off” the western red cedar wood more. The Deluxe line of pergolas can give a “beefier” feel and are often a great solution when the scale of the pergola is important as it relates to the rest of the house and outdoor living environment. For instance, if you have a large 2 story home then the larger scale provided by our Deluxe pergolas may be a better fit for your new outdoor living room.

Deluxe Pergola 


* 8×8 post, 20′ max spacing

* 4 ×10 headers

* 4 x 10 curved arm support brackets

* 4×6 joist, 24″ on center

* 2×4 stripping, 8″ center