Mosquito Misters

You've worked hard to make your home and backyard your person sanctuary. Countless hours of work and planning, its now time to enjoy the outdoor entertainment areas or pool and summer kitchens. Why have that wonderful outdoor experience taken away by pesky biting Mosquitos that CAN and WILL spread disease?
Our mosquito misting system utilizes a reservoir, high pressure pump, motor and automated timer. The reservoir can be placed in a garage, shed, or outside your house. The reservoir is filled with high quality natural pyrethrum or all organic natural botanicals. Spray nozzles are then installed in a parameter style fashion around the yard and connected to the reservoir using plastic tubing. We give special attention to the aesthetics of the installation to maintain a low visual impact. The system then stirs the mosquito mixture in the reservoir and releases the mixture from the spray nozzles emitting a fine mist that will travel across the yard ridding it of biting insects and blood sucking Mosquitos and their eggs. Since pyrethrum biodegrades quickly, there will be no residue during the day that could harm butterflies or other beneficial insects. Once we install your system, then we periodically visit for maintenance and to refill the reservoir.