You just remodeled your outdoor living space but what about sound? Having a BBQ or party and want to listen to rock and roll? Or maybe you want to listen to something soft and classical as you unwind? What about the football game? Adding sound to your outdoor living area will certainly enhance your enjoyment.
One way to add sound is to extend your indoor sound system outdoors. Another way would be to add a new sound system outside. Diamond Outdoors can design and install an outdoor music system that will fit your needs and enhance your outdoor living space.
The easiest way to get good sound outdoors today is with the new generation of high performance wireless speakers. Most use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi communication (often Apple’s AirPlay technology) to route Internet radio services like Pandora or your favorite playlists from your phone, tablet or computer to the speaker. Keep in mind that Bluetooth transmission range usually tops out around 30 feet; Wi-Fi solutions will go farther.

For a more stealth installation, you’ll want to run outdoor speaker cable from a hi-fi or multi-room audio system in the house to traditional outdoor speakers. Lots of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers intended for home use are weather resistant and approved by the manufacturer for use on covered decks, but other options abound. Traditional outdoor box-style speakers, many of which have weatherproof cabinets, are a better-sounding option well suited to under-eave placement, which protects them from the elements and also bolsters bass performance for richer, fuller sound. If you’re running wires, you’ll find a number of camouflaged speaker options. Rock speakers, which look like garden stones, sit low to the ground and disappear among the shrubs.