Pool Cleaning

Pool Cleaning and Other Pool Services

Swimming pools need to be cleaned and maintained on an ongoing basis. If you do not want to spend money on chemicals and store them or perhaps more importantly, spend your time cleaning your pool (how much is your time worth), then we can clean your pool for you. We clean hundreds of pools each month for both residential and commercial customers. Our pool cleaning service includes:

  • Perform water chemistry analysis and testing

  • Provide and apply pool chemicals and minerals

  • Inspect pool equipment to ensure it is operating properly

  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets

  • Empty pool cleaner bags

  • Backwash pool filter

  • Brush pool walls and tile

  • Net your pool

  • Vacuum your pool

Other pool services we provide include:

Pool Filter Service and Cleaning. Getting debris in your pool filter can cause bacteria build-up and/or damage the pool umps and other equipment.  To have a clean pool, the pool filter is the most important component of your pool. Also, a clean pool filter will reduce your monthly electricity cost because a clean filter provides better draw thereby reducing the amps or power on the pump motor. We recommend that you have your pool filter serviced at least twice a year.  Our pool technicians will disassemble the pool filter, clean all the filter elements, inspect the filter for cracks and other signs of wear and tear, make any needed repairs and reassemble the filter.

Acid Washing. Sometimes pools get tough stains on the plaster which are not removed by normal cleaning.  In these cases acid washing may be the way to remove those stubborn stains.  This chemical process cleans algae and other substances off the plaster and will have your pool looking new in no time.

One Time Pool Cleaning. Do you clean your own pool and find that your pool needs an extra cleaning or boost because you took time off from cleaning for family, medical or other reasons?  Or maybe your pool has been shut down some time over winter or for some other reason and needs a cleaning. Maybe you just bought a house and the pool needs help. We offer a one-time pool cleaning service to get your pool back on track and looking its finest.