Pool Repair

Just like a car or appliance, pool equipment has moving parts that over time have wear and tear and need to be maintained and often replaced or repaired. We repair pumps, filters, heaters, leaks and more. We are an authorized Jandy pool equipment repair company. We repair both residential and commercial pool and spa equipment.
Many of the repairs we do today are not necessarily repairs but upgrades to existing pool equipment that are more energy efficient. For instance we have replaced many single speed pool pumps to variable speed pumps as variable speed pumps can reduce the energy costs of running a swimming pool by up to 90%. Did you know that a single speed pool pump is often the most expensive appliance in your house and can consume more energy on a daily basis that all you other appliances combined?
Our pool repair technicians will go over the work to be performed so that there are no “hidden charges” or surprises and  so that you know the cost and scope of the repair before the work is done. Texas pool repair technicians are required to have a Residential Appliance Installers License from the State of Texas. Our license number is 520