Pool Safety Fences

Why Do I need a Pool Safety Fence?

Over 300 children drown in swimming pools every year. Over 4,100 children younger than 5 suffer submersion injuries and many sustain permanent disability. Many of the children who drown could be saved if homeowners fenced in their pools and installed self-closing and self-latching devices on gates. To learn more about pool safety fences click on the video below.

Why Choose Our Pool Fences?

Strongest Pool Safety Fence on the Market

The Guardian pole design makes the poles, which are the fence support structures, virtually unbreakable. The Guardian pool safety fence has been through extensive testing and research to make sure customers are provided with the safest product on the market. Click Here to see a video of how the Guardian pool safety fence compares to others on the market.

Self-Closing Gate

To prevent accidents, Guardian pool safety fences come with a self-closing, self-latching pool gate.


No top cross bar. It is very difficult for small children to climb over the fence because there is nothing to hold on to.

Lockable Gate

We use the award winning Magnalatch locking system. It is the world’s safest pool gate latch.

Best Fabric

Guardian pool mesh fences come with the best fabric in the market. The fabric is strong and most transparent so that it blends in with its surroundings.

No Deck Holes Product

Guardian pool safety fences offer the only “No Deck Holes” product sothat there are no residual holes in your pool deck when the fence is removed. This patented product is the only kind on the market. Click here to see a video about this product.


Using Guardian’s patented locking sleeve you can safely remove the fence when needed. Temporarily remove it for parties or other occasions or permanently remove it when the fence is no longer needed.

Color Variety

The Guardian pool safety fence comes in a great selection of colors, mesh fabrics and fence heights to match your pool and landscape design.

Professional Installation

Your pool safety fence will be installed by professional and trained installers. We are fully insured.

Lifetime Warranty

The Guardian pool safety fence comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s material warranty. We warranty the installation for one year.