Sunsetter Easy Shades

Easy Shade solar screens block 90% of the sun from the outside before it can heat up your home yet does not block your view from the inside. Easy Shades solar screens are much more effective than interior shades or blinds as they block the sun from the outside which helps keep your home cooler and lowers your energy bills. Since they don’t take up any interior space from the inside they give a clean and uncluttered look but best of all, you can still see out!
Many houses in Texas have big second story windows which are hard to reach for conventional shades. With the Easy Shade solar screen you can easily lower and raise the screen with a remote control for these hard to reach places. Easy Shade solar screens are also a great solution to reduce the heat on your patio by mounting them on your pergola, porch or patio cover.
Easy Shade solar screens are available in Solar Powered, Motorized and manual models and range in width from 4 to 12 feet. The solar screen is available in desert sand, cream and charcoal while the storage housing comes in a cream or bronze finish.