Sunsetter Awnings

Sunsetter retractable awnings are a very affordable and non-intrusive way to create an outdoor living space. Sunsetter Awnings, America’s best-selling awnings, provide the ultimate in flexibility as they give you shade and protection when you want it but retract when you want to enjoy the sun. Sunsetter Awnings provide great shade and UV protection and it can be up to 20 degrees cooler under your Sunsetter awning. Plus, with a rated SPF of over 50, Sunsetter awnings block 99% of harmful UV rays. Sunsetter awnings will also provide energy savings as it blocks the UV rays before it enters your home which keeps your indoors cooler and helps prevent fading of indoor rugs, furniture and drapes. Sunsetter awnings also come with optional LED dimming lights which allow you to extend your outdoor living into the evenings and nights. Sunsetter awnings are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation and have earned the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.
Sunsetter retractable awnings project from 8 feet to 11 feet 8 inches and range in widths from 8 feet to 20 feet. They come in woven acrylic or laminate fabric and include various colors and patterns. Click here to compare the difference between woven acrylic and laminate fabric. There are various models available with different features to best fit your outdoor living needs.